The 5-C Method for Marketing

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The 5-C Method

Attract the right patients to your practice with our proven 5-C Method.


Custom Photography

We ensure that every client we work with is connected with one of our professional photographers to do on-site photo shoots. Sure, the internet is full of stock images we could use in your advertising and landing pages. But we’ve found that no stock images in the world can do a better job of selling your med spa experience than professional shots of the real thing itself.

You’ve put a lot of thought, energy, and capital into making your space one of a kind. We want to help you show it off. There’s no catfishing here—what your leads see, they get. And that, in turn, builds familiarity.


Customer Intent

Unlike our competitors who build marketing materials around med spa procedures, we build funnels and drive traffic based on the intent of the potential customer.

We’ve done our research and we understand the needs of your ideal patients.


Clicks to Landing Pages

Landing pages with clickable call-to-actions and copy that have gone through a/b testing = unreal results.

Each of our service pages is structured as a stand-alone experience.  (Headlines, offers, FAQs, etc.) We build procedure-specific sales funnels that can bring in thousand-dollar treatments in just one month.​


Conversion Optimization

It’s completely normal for ads to fatigue or get stale. Even high-performing copy, images, and videos need tweaking after your audience has seen them for so long.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by addressing fatigue before it’s a problem that costs you money. That’s why we test your ads every week so that we’re constantly improving conversion rates and drawing your ideal customers in.


Cultivate Leads

If getting hot leads is difficult, getting them to actually show up is darn near impossible. That’s why our 5-C Method for Med Spa Marketing not only has the potential to fill your appointment book with hot leads, but it’s also designed to ensure that they’ll show up when they book.

We’ve invested in an online booking tool—one that integrates with most EMRs—so that we can go above and beyond booking clients. Our software sets up appointment reminders via email and sends SMS reminders to close the gap and get leads to actually show up.


Since 2014, we’ve generated millions of conversions for over 1,600 doctors using our 5-C Method.


What Doctors Say

I am a General Dentist in Lawrenceville, GA an have been a Conversion Whale client for about a year and half. It is without hesitation that I am writing this review to non only compliment "Dental" on a job well done but mainly to express my total satisfaction.

Great personalized service!! Vittoria was so helpful. She really went above and beyond her brief. My website Med Spa created is fantastic. Very knowledgeable on all social media and google marketing. I got leads within hours of the adds hitting the internet. Worth every dime!!

I have been working with Dental for almost 18 months, and my practice has seen more web traffic and new patient leads in this time period than I experienced with my previous internet marketing service in over five years! I highly recommend them.

We have been using Med Spa Marketing for a few months now and our team is so happy with their work. Sales have doubled!

A marketing company that makes reaching the masses attainable. Even better: They do it with enthusiasm, and they do it personally. I can list the people that I have been working with from the beginning. Smart, enthusiastic, creative, and competitive. They have one mission: To get your practice EXPOSURE. They do it well, and we are reaping the benefits of their hard work!

Dental's customer service is always excellent. They have assisted us with domain/email/website transitions even though this isn't the core of the service they provide. Their team is also quick to respond and address requests.

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